January 1979

AV Injection Begins

AV Injection start life in 1979 as a company called Dalatek Ltd using three Plastic Injection Moulding machines producing their own plastic products for the medical industry. The founders of the company were both Mould Tool Designers with over 40 years of experience designing Injection Moulds for all different types of Industries. This was a key service to all their customers and still is in the present day.

June 1983

Dalatek commenced new Plastic Injection Moulding solutions for other industries such as cosmetic, building industry and household products. Dalatek started a Plastic Extrusion division for one of its customers and soon expanded this department and opened a separate factory to house the extrusion plant and machinery. Dalatek were now operating two factory units, Plastic Injection Moulding factory with 12 Injection machines, and in the new factory five lines of Plastic Extrusion.

August 1985

A dedicated Tool Room was provided to help maintain Injection Mould tools and extrusion dies to peak condition to produce the high quality parts needed. This also provided a service that Dalatek could design and manufacture their Injection Moulds and Extrusion dies, test and trial, then give samples to customers in very short lead times.

February 1987

Opened new factory with 14 Injection Moulding machines, 6 extruder lines and a dedicated Tool Room. The number of machines steadily grew as the company branched out into new areas, which in turn attracted new clients.

September 1992

Introduced a Printing Department. Silk Screen and Offset Printing machines were installed. These were being utilised in conjunction with the injection moulding department to print drinks bottles and small drinking cups with various designs. These designs ranged from Coca Cola to Disneyland to other various Hollywood film designs.

April 2002

Changed our name to Dalatek Plastics after one of the founding directors decided that he wanted to retire from business. The company offered shares to various senior members and this, with the help of the remaining senior director ran up until 2005 when a major reshuffle took place.

May 2005

Dalatek plastics split into 3 separate companies running under one umbrella. They became known as AV Injection, Tech Tube and Corrutube. AV Injection carried on with the plastic injection moulding side of the business, Tech tube carried on with the printing side and Corrutube ran the extrusion side.

AV Injection's, now has expanded its machine capacity to 33 moulding machines since the reshuffle and is now an established plastic injection moulder situated in the midlands operating a 24/7 manufacturing facility from a 6,600 square metre purpose built site that also includes tool room and print and assembly departments. AV Injection is ISO9001 accredited and is working towards ISO14001. We offer competitive pricing, design ,short lead times and quotes within 24 hours.

AV Injection is a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your plastic injection moulding requirements offering the full service from initial design and prototyping stages through production and to delivery. We mould all types of material for various sectors including electrical, automotive, building, and domestic, point of sale and medical.

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