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Established in 1979, AV Injection are proud to be a British manufacturer who serve both the UK domestic market as well as global export markets.

We have existing and historical production partnerships with Bosch, Aston Martin, Euro Disney, BBC, Ford, BT, Landrover, Plasplug, Bombadier and Coca Cola as well as many more.

We are a vertical Plastic Injection Moulding solutions provider with 33 Injection Moulding machines. 9 lines of Extrusion, Pad Printing, Offset Printing, Ultrasonic Welding, dedicated Tool Room, Assembly Department and Blow Moulding, which are all in house and on the same site. We operate a 24/7 three shift system for production efficiency and have a Quality Control department adhering to BS ISO 9001-9008. Our fully fitted out maintenance department ensures that any unforeseen repairs or challenges are easily and effectively overcome.

Operating an active reduction plan for our carbon footprint as well as a successful zero landfill policy, we are proud to leading the way within our industry. For more information or to discuss if we can help with your project please contact us using the enquire now button at the bottom of the page.

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