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Plastic Injection Moulding

AV Injection is the UK's premier Plastic Injection Moulding company; all our Injection Moulders are experts.

We operate over 30 machines on a 7-day shift system, our constant shift pattern enables us to produce plastic moulds weighing up to 6.5kg. There are many advantages having your plastic moulding produced in the UK, not the least that AV Injection is at the forefront of research and development. The use of digital quality control systems minimises discrepancies between moulds, ensuring the production of high-quality.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic Injection Moulding is still one of the UK’s most popular manufacturing processes, even after over 50 years of comprehensive use. Plastic pellets are melted and injected into a pre-made mould, high pressured air is then pumped into the mould to ensure that the plastic has completely covered the entire cavity. After the plastic has cooled, the mould is removed to leave a perfect replica of the desired specification.

Benefits of our Plastic Injection Moulding

  • Plastic Injection Moulding size capability from less than a gram up to over 6kg.
  • 24 Hour maintenance ensuring negligible machine downtime.
  • All materials processed, including blends, filled, master batches and compounds.
  • Robots, conveyors and inserters allow for press side operations.

AV Injection is based in the UK and all our Plastic Injection Moulding machines are supported round the clock by dedicated Maintenance Engineers to ensure that any machine downtime is minimal. We have significant experience in processing all raw materials including ABS, PP, PS, PE, SAN, ASA, PPS, PES, PPO, PMMA, POM, PA6/66/12, PC, PET, PVC, PBT, TPE, TPO, TPR, MPR, EVA and LCP. We mould plastic materials that include blends, additives and fillers of various colours. We are also an approved centre for training and assessment of Injection Mould technicians to certificated NVQ level.

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